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Enter Must B2B Metaverse

Your Guide to the Next Generation of B2B Marketing & Business Developement

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Enter Must B2B Metaverse

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Must B2B Metaverse is live and available 24/7. It is an advanced and modern interactive virtual world, created to look and feel like a Business Center and modern Expo created to empower B2B marketers and sales with virtual spaces and social media & content creation tools, to connect and to build their company Metaverse strategy, whatever the size and the budget of their company!

It offers an immersive experience and enables companies and employees to connect, matchmake, network, collaborate, exhibit & showcase products, organize events, transact, achieve profitable deals, and learn from interactions. It is also an incredible learning experience for users as they are more engaged and stimulated, therefore more involved and motivated, making the learning process faster and less boring.

By participating at Must B2B Metaverse, companies and employees can benefit and enjoy the metaverse experience and evolve to a hybrid B2B interactions model inspired by social media and gaming while learning and developing business.

To enter to Must B2B Metaverse, you need just to sign up and enter

No need to load any software, you can easily access with your laptop or mobile or wear your oculus VR devices to enjoy immediately an immersive experience!

Now you are ready to start your journey in the B2B Metaverse!

You can create your avatar and visit with or without it! Creating your avatar will take less than 1 mn! Just select your picture or take a picture and follow the instructions! You can change the look of your avatar by modifying your face features and selecting your outfits, and accessories.

Now you are ready to start your journey in the B2B Metaverse!

You can walk alone or with colleagues through it, visiting booths, discovering different places: Networking Center, Livestream VOD and replays, Digital art galleries. It is an easy, no-pressure way to start experiencing the B2B Metaverse, to gain familiarity and to lead your company into the future of the B2B interactions."

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