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Understanding B2B marketplaces

Comprendre les places de marché (marketplaces) B2B.

  • EditeurUppler
  • Version PDF - 31 pages - 2018 - Anglais

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The rise of digital tools has revolutionized the way businesses interact and operate. By fully leveraging digital capabilities, Amazon and rival Alibaba have forever changed the online shopping experience…

What those 2 giants could achieve in a B2B setting has hardly been replicated in a B2B context. This is by no means a coincidence; B2B trade plays by a strict set of rules, making B2C oriented solution at best inadequate.

B2B Specificities

B2B actors need flexibility when it comes to displaying their product, their price, and negotiating the terms of payments.

They also require a robust system, that keeps product data constantly up to date and purchases secure. Flexibility and robustness are all the more crucial that the sums at stake are sizeable. The average transaction value in the B2B world is way higher than in a B2C context."

Understanding B2B marketplaces