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Instagram for Entrepreneurs - Growing and Monetizing Your Account

Vous voulez apprendre à gagner de l'argent sur Instagram ? Avec ce livre blanc, découvrez comment augmenter et monétiser votre compte.

  • EditeurIconosquare
  • Version PDF - 48 pages - 2021 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Growing your Instagram can be a challenge, especially when the algorithm is forever changing, and the platform continues to attract more users, all eager to get their content seen. Even if you have a perfectly polished Instagram account and have ticked off every box on the list when it comes to optimizing your bio, researching your target audience, and carefully planning out your content strategy (which we’ve already covered in Instagram for Entrepreneurs: Building Your Strategy), you might still need some extra help growing your account.

If you’re serious about using Instagram for your business, you’re in the right place! This ebook will explore how to build and engage a community on Instagram, how to drive traffic to your website, measure your results, and generate sales through your content."

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