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Measure what matters: Customer loyalty

Happy customers are likely to be loyal customers.

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  • Version PDF - 5 pages - 2024 - Anglais
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"Happy customers are likely to be loyal customers. When they’re having a great experience with you, there’s less interest in going elsewhere. Loyal customers mean more business and revenue for you.

The challenge is understanding why they’re loyal and how to maintain that loyalty. Most organizations rely on Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge loyalty. But these business-centric scores give you limited insight into the moments where loyalty is won or lost during each customer journey.

And those moments could be anywhere. Measuring experiences as they happen is crucial to satisfaction, trust and loyalty. So, while NPS is useful, using other metrics lets you build on that and gain more specific insight. The key to success is how you measure these metrics, and which actions you take."

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