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Business Insights through Empathy

The secret free tool that can make your users extremely happy

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Business Insights through Empathy

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"We’re the user agency
That means we put the user at the centre.
It is important to start from a common definition of user.

It is not the same as a target audience. You can identify this with criteria like demographics :
we target women between 25 and 65 years old with 2 kids, a full-time job, and an interest in fashion.

It’s also not the same as segment :
we target young mothers who don’t sleep well because their young kids wake up several times every night and who scroll Instagram right before going to sleep to get their fix of fashion pics.

We’re talking about your users, which you can make tangible in a personas.

Take Sandra (34), mom of Kevin (3,5) and Sophia (1,5), who loves Van Cleef & Arpels and who always dreamed of one day buying one of their iconic bracelets to pass it on to her daughter.

Sandra has been saving up and because she follows the brand on Facebook and Instagram, she already decided which jewel she wants to buy.

She’s been waiting for a promotion to buy online, but when there is one and she tries to make a profile in the webshop late at night, she doesn’t receive a confirmation email and can’t log in. She takes to twitter the next morning after dropping the kids off to school to contact the brand but doesn’t receive a response. She is frustrated because the promotion is a limited time offer that’s about to run out.

Is this the level of detail you have about your users?

Chances are that the answer is no. Don’t panic, you are not alone, there are plenty of brands with the same answer.

Because it’s hard. Yes, getting to know your user this intimately is hard. But doesn’t it help you to know exactly what content you should be putting where? Which changes you need to make to your customer journey to make them happy? Where the bulk of your marketing budget should go? Yes, we think so too.

So, how do you fix this?
How do you get an understanding of your users to the level where you can give them exactly what they want, when and where they want it? Read on and we’ll tell you.

Spoiler: the key is ‘empathy’
And yes, we’ll go beyond theory to explain what to do with all that knowledge, how to put it into practice and make it work for you."

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