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Unbotify guide

Avec cette présentation, découvrez comment Unbotify ambitionne de stopper les bots frauduleux sophistiqués et de restaurer la confiance et la transparence en ligne.

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  • Version PDF - 12 pages - 2021 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Right now, without knowing it, you’re losing a significant portion of your revenue to malicious in-app bots. Internal research from Unbotify has found that apps lose up to 10% of their revenue to bot fraud. As all forms of fraud are forecast to cost the advertising market a combined $50 billion by 2025, there’s high potential for bot fraud to inflict significant damage.

The harm to your bottom line is the least of your problems. In-app bots have a dangerous knock-on effect on user experience, user retention and in-app analytics. What’s worse, in-app bots commit breaches that compromise users’ data and degrade your brand reputation. Time is also of the essence, as “marketers can misread bot activity for human activity in their apps,” wasting their efforts on fake traffic.

Since approaches to bot fraud haven’t evolved dramatically since 2011, fraudsters are familiar with many existing methods and operate without encountering any serious opposition. Moreover, fraudsters have recently expanded their attacks to include new types of fraud previously unknown to the fraud detection sector, who are struggling to come up with a proper response (the most recent being computational propaganda bots that are used

to manipulate public opinion and even election results).

A battle is looming. With this in mind, Adjust acquired Unbotify, the first fraud solution of its kind to tackle the next wave of fraudulent attacks. This guide gives readers a first look into the problem we face, and why Unbotify is the only solution primed to beat the fraudsters once and for all."

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