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Chabot, FAQ's... How to build an efficient knowledge base?

A very common mistake in chatbot or FAQ project is to focus solely on the customer facing UI.

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  • Version PDF - 5 pages - 2022 - Anglais
Livre blanc - Chabot, FAQ's... How to build an efficient knowledge base? - Inbenta

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"While the User Interface is the visible part of the iceberg, it really is the knowledge base and framework that is the cornerstone to a project's success. The framework, knowledge base, and lexicon (or ML utterances depending on vendor) are parallel challenges to solve.

With a lexical framework model there are two possible origins of failure: ✔

« The Chatbot does not understand a user utterance », this is a natural language understanding matter, related to the prebuilt lexicon (sometimes company specific terminology will have to be added).

« The Chatbot does understand the user utterance, but does not give a relevant answer », meaning it is then the knowledge base which is at fault.

Therefore, building the knowledge base is at the very core of the project. It is often the reason of delays and failure, more than the flashy features of the chatbot vendor. Having methodological keys and feedbacks from the user base is paramount, and that is exactly what is described in this expert opinion"

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