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Building a successful chatbot

Tips and best practices.

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  • Version PDF - 5 pages - 2022 - Anglais
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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Chatbots, aka "conversational agents" or "virtual assistants", are increasingly gaining media attention. Heightened user interest due to the perceived use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning means that it's no longer surprising to find a chatbot on any given website.

Business from all sectors including e-commerce, banking, insurance, industry, and telecommunications are adding chatbots to their future plans. Nevertheless, IT, digital transformation, and marketing departments are learning that a chatbot is not meerly a "plug & play" product. It's a new communication channel!

As awareness spreads, the chatbot market is entering a new phase with chatbot projects rich in useful features. To be successful, projects must be organized and monitored by specific internal and external teams using clear methods and objectives.

This organization and these good practices are precisely what we will study in this expert opinion"

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