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Management d'entreprise

Guide to Modernizing Royalty Operations: A Checklist for a Successful Project

"As publishers continue to transform their operations to go digital, improve transparency to authors, and ultimately introduce new business models for content delivery, licensing and compensation, the role of supporting ...

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CMI Market Guide: The Rise of Digital Brand Compliance

"The report was published by Content Marketing Institute and authored by Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, to address the growing need for solutions that orchestrate and automate the complexities of legal, licensing, ...

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Management d'entreprise

Guide to Digital Rights Management: A 10-Step Checklist of DRM Best Practices

"To get started, inventory the type of content that is rights-managed and understand where the rights are coming from (license agreements or talent contracts). Is the content being governed by more than one contract such...

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Publishing Industry Report: The ROI in Rights and Royalty Management Solutions

"The report was published by The Book Industry Study Group based on research done for the rights committee by GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies. FADEL and its customer, Pearson Education, were valuable contributors ...

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Marketing d'influence

Top 7 Reasons to Automate Royalty Operations in Gaming

"Avec la croissance explosive de l'industrie du jeu, les entreprises déploient de nouvelles stratégies génératrices de revenus et de nouveaux modèles de licence et conditions de paiement de redevances que les l...

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ERP / Enterprise Resource Planning

Automated Rights Management – An ROI Study

"Dans cette étude (en anglais), nous décomposons et discutons des facteurs qui font encourir des coûts aux organisations, et calculons combien elles peuvent économiser grâce à la mise en œuvre d'un système de ges...

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