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Guide to Digital Rights Management: A 10-Step Checklist of DRM Best Practices

Whether you are just getting started or continuing in your DRM journey, this guide will provide valuable insights along the way.

  • EditeurFadel
  • Version PDF - 15 pages - 2021 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"To get started, inventory the type of content that is rights-managed and understand where the rights are coming from (license agreements or talent contracts). Is the content being governed by more than one contract such as multiple talent or content elements. If so it is important to know that and gather all of the associated agreements.

Who owns the contract and rights information and does everyone that needs it have visibility into the information?

Understand where your content is being stored and what types of systems are part of your production workflow from planning to production to distribution. Any of these systems might need to check rights before clearing an asset for use."

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