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Publishing Industry Report: The ROI in Rights and Royalty Management Solutions

Positioned for Growth: The Return on Investment in Rights and Royalty Management Solutions.

  • EditeurFadel
  • Version PDF - 33 pages - 2020 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The report was published by The Book Industry Study Group based on research done for the rights committee by GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies. FADEL and its customer, Pearson Education, were valuable contributors to the research content included in the paper.

The report demonstrates the significant value obtained from investments in rights and royalties management such as FADEL IPM Suite. We are pleased to be able to offer a complimentary copy of the paper to our recipients (a $49 value).

The migration of rights management in book publishing from back-office clerical function to strategic opportunity has been one of the defining elements of the industry’s digital transformation. There has been plenty of evidence over the past two decades that proper attention to rights management can offer significant benefits to publishers and other participants in the publishing value chain: new revenue streams through licensing, cost efficiencies, lowered legal risks, and better intelligence about rights ownership and the value of content.

However, most of that evidence has been anecdotal. The impact of rights management has generally been limited owing to lack of understanding of the return on investment (ROI) and to the complexity of effective implementation. For too many companies, rights management is still an insufficiently understood and inefficiently executed function. Solutions have appeared; publishers and other entities have adopted them with varying degrees of success."

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