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Everything you need to know to source, hire and onboard employees remotely

Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour réussir le processus de recrutement et d'onboarding à distance.

Everything you need to know to source, hire and onboard employees remotely

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"Before COVID-19, remote work was a rarity. Very few organizations were adequately prepared for fully remote operations. Fear of low productivity and organizational silos kept many companies from making the leap to being remote-friendly.

Fast-forward to today and you’ll find that remote work has quickly shifted the employee-employer relationship. More companies are leaning towards hiring a partially, or even fully, remote workforce. Knowing how to source these candidates is a key step of the remote revolution.

Livestorm is a remote-first company and we do 100% of our sourcing remotely. We’ve learned the unique challenges it poses, as well as specific strategies for optimizing the remote hiring process.

A new way to network

Among the biggest challenges facing Human Resource and Recruiting departments is connecting with top talent. A lack of in-person events makes it difficult to network with others in your field.

Similarly, referrals are also hard to come by in a remote world. It’s one thing to receive a “you should talk to this individual” email. It’s quite another to have face-to-face engagement as to why the individual would be a great fit, or as is the case in networking events, to meet candidates in person. To adjust, you may need to look to current employees for a trusted referral network."

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