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The bad, the ugly, and the truth of mobile ad fraud

In our guide, we look at the sources of mobile fraud; the ways in which ad fraud can create problems with your data, and how we as an industry can fight it.

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The bad, the ugly, and the truth of mobile ad fraud

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"Mobile ad fraud is a problem that Adjust has been fighting for a long time.

Ad fraud can decimate ad budgets, skew data, and create a feedback loop that’s a race to the bottom. On average, 4% of an app’s paid user acquisition budget is taken by fraud. We’ve seen outliers with up to 90% of budgets stolen - and our Fraud Prevention Suite has so far rejected 400,000 installs (not including 200,000 SDK signatures) - around $2m per day in saved budgets.

With our fraud prevention suite, we were the first in the industry to take fraud seriously, and the only attribution service to take it on proactively. As mobile fraud grows more sophisticated, we've strived to educate marketers on the dangers of mobile fraud. This expert's guide is one of a number of ways we can help you find out more about this pressing issue.

Here, we highlight five sources of mobile ad fraud; identifying what they are, how they work, what and damage they can do to your mobile campaigns, datasets, and more.

This guide will help you identify, and get closer to solving, tangible problems faced by all mobile companies. Fraud is a deep-seated issue, and something which the entire industry needs to face up to before it can be dealt with. Education is the first step in getting rid of it for good."

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