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Amplify your impact : how to multiply the effects of your inbound marketing program

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"Whether you’re thinking of adopting inbound marketing or you’ve already begun, you’re in good company: many marketers are benefitting from the power of this tactic. After all, it helps you connect with new prospects by giving them ways to find and learn about you – without the high cost or intrusion of more traditional, outbound marketing techniques.

But, be warned: inbound marketing alone cannot drive the maximum revenue possible; it must be incorporated into the overall marketing mix if you want to see bottom-line results.  Unfortunately, many social media gurus and some inbound marketing solutions don’t educate marketers on how to create this mix.

This paper does. In it, we cover what should be included in your marketing mix – a well-balanced combination of outbound and inbound marketing – and how to achieve this without breaking the bank. We also explore some misconceptions about inbound marketing. And we discuss what we call the Inbound Marketing Multiplier, which will help you dramatically improve the results of your inbound marketing programs."

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