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Building an enterprise-level landing page program

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"How are landing pages for large organizations different than landing pages for anyone else?

The objective is the same, to provide a better landing page experience for respondents after they click through from online advertising or email marketing, and to thereby increase your conversion rate and ROI. Regardless of your company’s size, perfecting the post-click experience – the landing page, microsite or whatever comes after someone clicks on your ad – is the most direct way to improve your marketing results.

The tactics and creative options for the design and content of the pages — the best practices that are usually written about the subject — are largely the same for both small and large organizations:

  • • Maintain continuity from click to conversion.
  • • Constantly test with innovation and iteration.
  • • Segment respondents with conversion paths where applicable.
  • • Speed and agility are critical.
  • • Embrace the diversity of The Long Tail.
  • • Optimize for ROI, but don’t optimize away your brand

The big difference is behind the scenes. Enterprise landing pages have:

  • • More people involved in the lifecycle.
  • • More complexity in the process.
  • • More scale in the overall marketing portfolio.
  • • More risk, both real and perceived.
  • • More upside potential."

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