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Content curation : taming the flood of online content

Un livre blanc pour mieux maîtriser la curation de contenu.

  • EditeurCurata
  • Version PDF - 24 pages - 2012 - Anglais
Content curation : taming the flood of online content

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"In today’s Internet-driven communications market, savvy companies are responding to the need to engage prospects more effectively throughout the buying cycle – and recognize the critical role that social media channels play in content marketing.

As a result, an unprecedented publishing rush is on, with hundreds of thousands of companies, media outlets, trade organizations, analyst firms, and individual bloggers flooding the Internet with new digital content on a daily basis.

This content flows through an ever increasing variety of online communications channels, and leads to two key problems: Smaller firms struggle to compete against big companies, who can afford to produce lots of content. Finding the time to create content while executing a business is very hard. Yet publishing can’t be a hobby if it’s critical to business.

With so many companies producing new content – and disseminating that content via blogs, email newsletters, media outlets, video channels, podcasts, and social networks – prospects are drowning in a sea of information overload. As a result, they’re challenged beyond their means to easily decipher what information is relevant and which sources are trustworthy."

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