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The Infusion of Artificial Intelligence across Customer Interactions

While brand consistency is important for every type of organization, it is especially true for large and multi-national enterprises.

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  • Version PDF - 12 pages - 2021 - Anglais
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"However, many prevent a consistent brand experience by managing operations, tracking performance, and measuring customer satisfaction along functional lines.

Different departments usually pass customer transactions between each other, but none have end-to-end visibility or full ownership of the complete customer journey.

For example, sales teams have little visibility into what happens after a customer interaction is completed and they often do not know specifics concerning recently launched marketing campaigns.

As per the recent consolidation of digital channels, the interactions have multiplied and journeys have fractured, making it extremely hard to properly comprehend the omnichannel experience, let alone improve it.

Large enterprises typically have diverse touchpoints managed by different business units and influenced by different functions, making offering a frictionless, connected customer experience (CX) a complex challenge.

Conscious of these structural flaws, organizations look to transform and enrich customer journeys using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, self-service and automated solution utilization has steadily increased.

AI is being used to add new capabilities across the entire CX landscape beyond simply automating tasks, and the benefits include"

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