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The art of persuading customers over the phone

Ce livre blanc vous explique tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour réussir à convaincre vos prospects par téléphone.

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The art of persuading customers over the phone

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Given the plethora of available modern service channels, one might think the phone channel no longer has its place in customer service.

Admittedly, customers increasingly use the phone in conjunction with alternative channels such as live chat, social media, or help desks, but it remains the preferred means of contact for most customers.

The importance of the phone channel for a modern business is undeniable. VoIP technology has allowed the phone to integrate with the the other tools necessary to the smooth operation of daily business (CRMs, help desks, etc.).

Therefore, it’s imperative for sales and support teams alike to be confident in their skills over the phone. Without the understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the phone channel, sales and support teams won’t adequately cater to the customer experience."

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