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Building better relationships through improved external collaboration

Construire de meilleures relations grâce à une collaboration externe améliorée.

  • EditeurMWD Advisors
  • Version PDF - 3 pages - 2016 - Anglais
Building better relationships through improved external collaboration

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Improving collaboration within your organisation can bring a wealth of benefits that help improve efficiency and agility to drive success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

By better-connecting employees right across your business, and encouraging a more open, interactive culture, your organisation can benefit from faster and more effective decision-making, and increased innovation to support and maintain business differentiation. Operational efficiencies can be gained through increased reuse of work and materials, while improved employee engagement can help improve retention rates and help the organisation make the most of its people resources.

However, while internal collaboration is important, the potential benefits from better collaboration do not end at the boundaries of the organisation. Your organisation’s success is entirely dependent on its relationships with external parties – the customers, suppliers and partners that form the ecosystem that supports your business – and therefore the culture of collaboration must extend to incorporate these parties as well.

Whether you are providing a service to a customer, or working with partners to collaboratively complete a project, for example, strong relationships are based on open, two-way communications and trust, and this demands transparency of decision making, continuous sharing of information and progress, and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs or expectations as required.

The result is fundamentally business growth: repeat business within existing customers, greater customer and partner loyalty, a stronger reputation and brand, and a more agile business that is able to recognise opportunities to better meet market demands and act upon them to stay ahead of the competition."

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