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Ardent Partners’ Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020

Les métriques de procurement qui comptent en 2020, un livre blanc signé Ardent Partners et Ivalua.

  • EditeurIvalua
  • Version PDF - 36 pages - 2020 - Anglais
Ardent Partners’ Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Since 2000, the global economy has been increasingly driven through its supply chain. Now, the global supply chain is under attack. Once again, CPOs have been called to the front lines to defend their businesses, lead their teams, and ensure continuity. Attacks and threats are coming from all angles. But, the challenge of each day presents opportunities within it. And, as we continue to navigate these disruptive days, it is clear that many of an enterprise’s best opportunities (and most critical priorities) will play to the strengths and expertise of its procurement department. Until then, resiliency is the order of the day. It is a global imperative and it serves as a call to procurement leaders and professionals around the world to respond with agility and poise – a call that many have spent years preparing for… a call that will be answered.

This eBook presents Ardent Partners latest market research on the state of procurement, sharing the intentions, strategies, and performance of more than 300 CPOs plus supplemental survey responses regarding the pandemic from more than 950 others. That said, most of the data was captured between January and March of 2020, before many procurement teams had begun to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This eBook also includes the responses from 954 procurement professionals who participated in Ardent Partners’ CPO Rising 2K20 Virtual Series held between March 31 and May 7 of 2020."

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