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Drive better retail to conquer the Amazon storm

Mieux vendre au détail pour vaincre la tempête Amazon.

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  • Version PDF - 25 pages - 2017 - Anglais
Drive better retail to conquer the Amazon storm

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"For retailers in today’s marketplace, creating a winning customer experience is a must. Consumers are in touch with products at multiple junctures throughout the day: online via desktop computers, on-the-go through mobile devices, and in-person at retail venues. Content that satisfies the customer’s needs must be available at all touchpoints, at all times. The ability to deliver clear, accurate, and engaging product information – in a consistent manner – is key to customer success.

Content is King

Customers require more information than ever – verbal, auditory, visual – in the purchase process. The customer journey describes the retail experience from product education to purchase. High-quality content drives faster purchase decisions, strengthens customer loyalty, and reduces product returns. Poor-quality content has the opposite effect. Faulty data, awkward images, or obsolete pricing - in short, bad content - can frustrate customers and open the the door for competitors.

An Emotional Product Experience Motivates Purchase

Shopping can only be a positive experience if the data elements at thefoundation are relevant, complete, and tailored to each engagement point. Amazon’s voluminous but uninspiring online catalog illustrates the problem of faulty product information on the customer experience. Due to the sheer number and variety of competing resellers on Amazon, product presentation is inconsistent. Essential data elements are often missing and images misleading. As a result, customers can become distracted or misguided on their journey, increasing the probability that a customer will abandon a purchase, be dissatisfied with their products, or request a return. Competitive retailers will create compelling, emotionally moving product experiences that motivate buying decisions."

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