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Onboarding business partners to online services

Grâce à ce livre blanc, découvrez comment intégrer vos partenaires commerciaux dans vos services en ligne

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"B2B, a new approach to IAM

The fact that digital transformation has changed the way businesses collaborate is no news to anyone. The increase in mobility due to higher Cloud adoption, flexible work models, development of Internet of Things and the escalating number of interconnected devices have all paved the way for unlimited collaboration opportunities for customers and businesses alike.

Access to information has never before been so fast and convenient and there have never been more devices and services to manage, each with its own requirements and privileges. On top of that, everyone can be connected
to everything, resulting in more and more complex digital infrastructures with individuals, groups of people, offices, companies, things and apps involved.

In the more traditional setting, Identity & Access Management was used to regulate the way employees access internal applications. Over the last years we’ve seen the rise of Consumer IAM (CIAM), focusing on a frictionless customer journey for individual consumers. But newer business models show that it isn’t just about connecting with individual users anymore. A B2B identity ecosystem consists of external collaboration with different stakeholders
such as partners, agents, subcontractors, business customers, investors or temporary users, creating the need for a multi-level way of granting access, delegating and managing in a secure manner. In order to manage this new user behaviour in the right way a traditional IAM solution does not work; you will need elements of both employee and consumer IAM.

This whitepaper takes a closer look at Identity & Access Management in the B2B landscape, revealing what demands an effective B2B IAM system should meet in order to satisfy business objectives and explaining why traditional IAM nor CIAM are enough for these business cases.

Industry analysts like Gartner and KuppingerCole have recognised the B2B area as a separate category in IAM and developed models. After the introduction and maturing of CIAM, we are now evolving towards more complicated identity infrastructures, with multiple stakeholders and different roles and mandates. B2B IAM and advanced delegation capabilities fit in that framework."

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