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How Training Needs Analysis Paves the Way for Successful Deployment

Découvrez pourquoi l'analyse des besoins en formation est essentielle au déploiement d'un programme de formation efficace et comment elle permet d'optimiser le retour sur investissement de la formation.

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"Training Needs Analysis: A Definition

It is the process of identifying what lacking skills are needed in order for an employee to do his job well.
It also involves identifying the problem that hinders companies from achieving their business objectives, as sometimes, training may not necessarily be the answer. If an organization finds that training is indeed the answer to the underlying problems, then they can proceed with the training needs analysis. The process of identifying the training needs of an organization involves identifying the current level of skills, knowledge, and general aptitude employees are at, and the optimal levels that they should be at in order to achieve the company's goals."

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