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Reveal the superpowers of your employees

En collaboration avec BNP Paribas, Agorize nous livre un compte rendu d'un webinar sur l'engagement du collaborateur malgré le contexte de la crise.

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Reveal the superpowers of your employees

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"« We really wanted to ensure that things were aligned with our strategy. We were giving more credit to project which were easy to implement and with strong business impact, either on the revenue, cost or resilience side. » (...)

« We wanted people to form teams from multiple countries and from diverse departments. We were proven right. In average, the most diverse teams did better! » (...)

« I really feel the reason of our sucess was because we had members coming from everywhere : different departments, countries... We had the chance to mix our skills and client approach. »

« One key requirement was gamification. We wanted to transform each and every single staff into an angel investor. We saw it would trigger a spike in participation, and it did by the way! Each and every single employee who wanted to participate was able to have one role. Either as an intrapreneur, either as an investor with virtual money, either as mentor. »"

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