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(Re)building sustainable engagement

Bernard Coulaty vous explique dans ce livre blanc comment assurer un engagement durable de vos collaborateurs dans le monde du post-Covid.

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  • Version PDF - 36 pages - 2021 - Anglais
(Re)building sustainable engagement

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"The current sanitary crisis has revealed a depth of engagement by the whole society: frontline heatlh services carers, employees at the front and those who work from home - with mutual cooperation and solidarity like seldom in the past.

 How can this engagement be sustained and mobilized in the long term when there is such uncertainty, the economic situation is deteriorating and the distinction between personal and professional life is blurred? Yet long-term engagement is key to tomorrow’s world - the period of recovery; it’s what will ensure sustainable organizational performance and everyone’s well-being.

HR departments and line managers have been particularly exposed and engaged in recent months, firstly in managing the pandemic within their own organizations, then in overseeing a variety of situations with their employees, and finally in preparing to face the economic and social consequences of this incredibly uncertain period. It is important to take stock of what we have just experienced during this unique period and to think about how we can deal with the shocks of ‘getting back to business’. Then we need to set a new course with new perspectives as organizations and employees are facing new challenges. Tomorrow’s world is here!"

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