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COVID-19: Brand Safety and Suitability

Un guide pratique pour maîtriser votre stratégie de publicité en ligne pendant une pandémie.

COVID-19: Brand Safety and Suitability

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"The COVID-19 pandemic has led to heightened advertiser sensitivity towards coronavirus-related content. While the world faces larger and more pressing issues than advertising context and brand suitability, it is more important than ever for advertisers to work with trusted partners for guidance on how to appropriately navigate this unprecedented situation.

IAS recommends a pragmatic approach, with consideration that not all COVID-19 content is damaging to all brands and there continues to be high quality, educational journalism from trusted news sources. This situation is not one where either ‘more’ or ‘less’ keyword blocking or the curation of domain lists should be universally adopted. If you are using lists for editorial control, we advise that you revisit these lists often and update them frequently.

The ever-evolving nature of this situation calls for precision and tools to enable brands to make a decision about what is suitable for each of their campaigns. Each brand has unique needs, requiring a different approach to this global phenomenon."

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