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Smartphones in the mobile world of content publishers

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  • Version Pdf - 46 pages - Janvier 2014 - Anglais

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"On a global mobile planet, consumers require real-time information and engaging content that can be accessible wherever they are. Mobile devices created new opportunities and new media behaviour, consumers are moving from the desktop to their phones to chase relevant information around them throughout their day.

The mobile context reveals a different mindset for consumers. Publishers invent and reinvent their mobile content strategies to connect with the new digital behaviour of consumer’s daily life. For brands the tipping point has arrived to develop their mobile marketing strategy.

(...) Belgian professional publishers analysed in depth the mobile landscape and collected the most important data. The goal of this white paper is :
• sharing insights about the evolution of smartphones
• educate on the effectiveness of premium mobile advertising
• intensify the communication between publishers and advertisers and agencies about the increasing importance of mobile advertising
• share insights in a centralized way."

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