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Optimizing Digital Content Creation in the Enterprise: Creative Excellence and Automation

Comment optimiser la création de contenu digital en entreprise.

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"This report presents the results of a research project defined and executed by Pfeiffer Consulting. It included strategic technology analysis and trend research in the enterprise content creation space, as well as assessment of the impact of using technologies like the ones offered by Rakuten Aquafadas on return on investment and overall competitiveness in the creation, management and delivery of professionally produced content across a wide range of devices and platforms.

Clarifying the Intricate Situation of Corporate Publishing

The first aim of this research was to provide a clear and structured analysis of the increasingly complex, not to say convoluted, situation of the enterprise publishing market today, taking into account the numerous challenges that subsequent waves of digital disruption present to corporations with regards to managing and delivering the wide variety of content today’s world requires.

The second aim was to evaluate the real-world impact that technologies such as the Aquafadas content delivery platform can have on the cost and efficiency of content production and delivery, and particularly in terms of code-free app-development.

Structure of this Report

The report is structured into four distinct sections:

- Key Trends Shaping Enterprise Content and Collaboration (page 4) analyzes the latest set of technology and usage trends in enterprise publishing;

- Bottlenecks and Pain Points in Enterprise Content Creation (page 6) looks at the key challenges corporations face today when managing their content production;

- The ROI of Streamlined App Development (page 8) evaluates the efficiency gains and cost reductions that code-free app development can present;

- Integrating Design-Driven Content Creation and Automated Delivery (page 10) takes a closer look at the different approaches of automated content delivery offered by the Aquafadas system."

Optimizing Digital Content Creation in the Enterprise: Creative Excellence and Automation