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Acquia Cloud Edge CDN

Un réseau mondial de diffusion de contenu avec des capacités uniques d'optimisation des performances.

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Acquia Cloud Edge CDN

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"(CDN) with unique performance optimization capabilities: We cache static content, accelerate dynamic content, and make it easy to optimize outbound content. Acquia Cloud Edge CDN goes beyond a traditional CDN because, in addition to bringing your content closer to your site’s visitors, Acquia Cloud Edge CDN also optimizes content for device, browser, and bandwidth needs. We’ve built a best-in-class, global infrastructure from the ground up using only next-generation, high-performance equipment—no legacy software or hardware. The result is a CDN that’s easier to set up, more affordable, and built to outperform any legacy CDN on the market.

Acquia Cloud Edge CDN makes websites run faster, and having a fast site is an important part of visitor satisfaction. Site speed is crucial to providing a positive experience for website visitors because slow load times result in higher bounce rates, shorter time spent on the site, and lower conversion rates. To put it simply, latency hurts your bottom line.

In February of 2012, the multinational retailer Walmart conducted an analysis to understand how website page performance affects ecommerce conversion rates. The study focused on Walmart’s own ecommerce store: The webstore did $7.7 billion in sales, hit billions of page requests, and hosted millions of active product SKUs in 2012.

This study revealed a shocking relationship between page load times and conversion rates.

As the graph below shows, there is a sharp decline in conversion rates as load times increase from 1 to 4 seconds."

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