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Android Enterprise Security White Paper

Un livre blanc qui définit l'approche d'Android dans le cadre de la sécurité de leur système mobile.

Android Enterprise Security White Paper

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Mobile security threats are a major concern for enterprises, especially as employees often use their devices every day to access corporate systems and data. Enterprises require, and demand, robust security protections - protections which Android offers comprehensively.

This security white paper outlines the approach Android takes to mobile security for business customers, and details the strengths of the Android platform, the range of management APIs available to enforce control, and the role of Google Play Protect in detecting threats.

Android offers a multi-layer security strategy with unique ways to keep data and devices safe. Beyond hardware and OS-protections, Android offers multi-profile support and device-management options that enable the separation of work and personal data, keeping company data secure.

To help ensure threats are detected before they even make it onto the device, Google Play Protect provides built-in continuous scanning for apps and automatic removal of harmful apps.

This white paper will also explain how the open source Android platform enables best-in-class enterprise security by leveraging the collective intelligence of the Android ecosystem."

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