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Data Discovery and Governance

Bénéfices, défis et bonnes pratiques de la découverte et la gouvernance des données.

Data Discovery and Governance

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"As data discovery and self-service analytics environments evolve, the need for governance becomes essential. When a growing number of users interact with and visualize an increasing volume of data, solid governance practices can ensure that insight is readily available to all stakeholders, while the timeliness, integrity, availability, and security of data sources is fully preserved.

“In the context of data discovery, the goals of users and IT can sometimes appear to be at odds,” according to Aberdeen Group. “IT must ensure that enterprise data is accurate, complete, and secure. Users want to quickly and freely explore data and engage comprehensive datasets to achieve new levels of insight.” The firm cites collaborative data governance as a means of empowering users with robust data discovery, while maintaining high standards for data.

What makes governance so crucial? First, self-service environments shift power from IT staff to business users, driving substantial improvements in flexibility, speed, and adaptability. This freedom, however, causes problems without proper oversight. Effective governance enables organizations to realize the benefits of self-service and data discovery, while avoiding potential issues such as the use of disparate and disconnected tools and multiple versions of the truth.

Self-service analytics and data discovery also empower different user groups to interact with data, with minimal input or interference. Business users are more self-sufficient than ever before, while IT staff is freed from the burden of endless report creation cycles. This raises important questions: What should be accessed, and by whom? Do different types of data need to be stored and managed in different ways to meet varying operational and analytical needs?"

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