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The ultimate guide to building a scaleable legal function in SaaS

Scaling the legal function in SaaS.

  • EditeurLeeway
  • Version PDF - 27 pages - 2023 - Anglais
Livre blanc - The ultimate guide to building a scaleable legal function in SaaS - Leeway

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"There’s no denying the boom in software over the last decade. As barriers to entry decline and demand for convenience accelerates, more and more tech companies are appearing to address the ever-growing market for online services.

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, whose assets are largely intangible, are building high-growth and high-margin business and revenue models. As a result, they entice significant investment and unlock scale at pace. However, the very benefits that generate demand also make SaaS a highly crowded market.

To succeed (and to justify their rising valuations to investors), SaaS companies must delight their users, establish unique competitive advantages and create a culture that retains top talent and encourages innovation.

As you can likely imagine, this high-growth, tech-powered and cross-border environment creates a minefield of legal complexities. As a result, the legal function of a SaaS company has a critical role to play in business success.

Not only do legal departments protect the business from harm ’ s way, but in-house professionals are increasingly adopting a strategic advisory role to spot opportunities and better prepare for scale.

That said, despite significant investment across the business, the legal department tends to remain lean, with disproportionately low growth in headcount.

For this reason, we ’ ve created this guide that covers the building blocks of a scalable legal function. I hope it will provide you with the foundations to set your legal team up for scaling success."

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