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Solving Engineering Acoustic Challenges

Résoudre les défis acoustiques de l'ingénierie grâce à la simulation.

Solving Engineering Acoustic Challenges

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"Over the past years, product sound quality has become a central issue of concern as companies cannot afford to deliver a product that does not sound right or is too loud. In addition, the increased awareness of the consequences of noise pollution on humans and other living beings combined with an acceleration of more stringent noise regulations put every industry under pressure to deliver new technologies that meet these new requirements.

This e-book sheds some light on the diversity of applications touched by acoustic engineering by compelling case studies demonstrating the scope and range of applications in which acoustic simulation is helping industries.

Industrial leaders and technology innovation centers from all industries are leveraging on acoustic solution to better understand, improve and validate their new designs or acoustic countermeasures. You can read about how engineering teams from Renault, the McMaster University or Hyundai are employing Actran solution to develop and optimize new technologies for the automotive industry. In parallel, the other transportation industries are not spared by technological evolution and increasing customer expectations. Discover how Airbus, Scania Bus Royal Enfield and The China Railway Design Corporation relies on acoustic simulation to meet both commuters’ expectations and noise regulations. Finally, a less obvious sector where acoustics plays a major role is the spatial industry. Before rockets and their payloads reach the world of silence, the extreme sound environment they face at launch can compromise both the rocket launcher and internal components’ integrity. Read how Avio and Airbus Defence and Space use simulation to validate the integrity of their designs."

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