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Accelerate Now! Current trends and strategies for the future

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"Late last year, NUMA, a leading tech and innovation hub in central Paris and home to France’s first accelerator program, held its first ever European Accelerator Summit.

The Summit brought 150+ accelerator leaders from across Europe and beyond to discuss and debate the current state and future of acceleration.

Using collaborative workshops and interactive talks, the purpose of the 2-day conference was to identify the top trends and challenges facing the accelerator sector as well as ideas and viable models to reinforce the future of acceleration.

Leveraging the ideas and content generated from the Summit, we’ve developed this whitepaper which focuses on the top trends in acceleration as well as the challenges, opportunities, and promising models for the future.

The startup acceleration sector, which was started 10 years ago by Y Combinator has grown almost exponentially and evolved enormously since its founding. Although the sector continues to grow, it is also facing an ever-changing landscape that poses both opportunities and challenges."

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