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Managing Severe Weather Events During Other Crises

Gérer des catastrophiques météorologiques en parallèle d'une autre crise.

  • EditeurEverbridge
  • Version PDF - 8 pages - 2020 - Anglais

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"Massive bushfires across Australia. A plague of locusts throughout eastern Africa. Flooding in the American Midwest. Civil unrest in small towns and cities worldwide. A global pandemic.

The cadence and intensity of critical events in 2020 has spawned hundreds of memes that attempt to lighten the mood, while many, overwhelmed and stunned, simply shake their head and ask, “What next?”

First responders, cybersecurity experts, and others in the field of crisis management are trained and prepared to manage these critical events, but the extent and duration of the novel coronavirus pandemic on top of other crises has tested the resilience of command centers the world over.

Those unable to respond quickly and completely to critical events risk losing thousands, if not millions, in revenue and associated costs. Such outcomes are partly due to organizations’ tendency to rely on multiple, separate systems for critical event management (CEM). The siloed nature of these solutions makes processes needlessly complex and creates challenges for security experts. Without a unifying CEM platform, teams and centers struggle with a coordinated response, damaging budgets, stakeholder confidence, and employee and customer trust."

Managing Severe Weather Events During Other Crises