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Leading in the Human Age : pourquoi l’ère de l’incertitude appelle une nouvelle approche du monde du travail

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

Extrait du livre blanc : "as the gordian Knot of uncertainty continues to grow and tighten, agility and the ability to innovate will come to define success. Change must come to be an accepted and expected part of everyday life for individuals, companies and governments. Time for planning will continue to shrink and companies will need to focus on strategic agility in the face of uncertain headwinds.

This, in turn, requires business leaders to rethink the way organizations understand, address and manage talent. Successful companies will create flexible workforce strategies aligned to their business strategy in order to boost productivity, build resilience and drive business results—even in changing circumstances. In short, this period of “certain uncertainty” requires new approaches to the world of work.

HR leaders need to be able to build adaptable work models that allow for adjustment to these unpredictable changes. Successfully implementing these flexible work models will require a leadership shift to become more participative and collaborative.

It also requires highly resilient and strategic human age Leaders who can build and drive a culture of collaboration, and who can develop managers with the capacity to engage top talent over the long term."

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