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Managed UC service key for business outcomes

La gestion des communications unifiées : toutes les clés pour réussir.

Managed UC service key for business outcomes

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Unified communications (UC) management needs a consolidated approach as enterprise communication requirements expand in line with changing work patterns, creating demand for a range of communication modes and endpoints with different types of deployments from several UC&C vendors.

The key features of a modern workplace, reflecting the need for a complex blend of communication tools and sophisticated UC management solutions, are as follows:

- Adoption of new tools for more flexible communication. Traditional communication methods are no longer sufficient as employees increasingly work collaboratively. This gives rise to the need for videoconferencing solutions such as Webex and team collaboration hubs such as MS Teams, which can complement traditional communication tools such as telephony, conferencing, and emails. According to IDC, team collaboration is projected to increase at a 16% CAGR between 2019 and 2023. The adoption of modern communication tools is expected to accelerate due to COVID-19 as employees increasingly collaborate remotely. This is likely to become the "new normal," and this means user provisioning across a wider range of communication methods.

- Varying worker profiles. The types of employees involved in projects could be on permanent, part-time, or short-term contracts in addition to those working outside an organization as enterprises increasingly work in partnership within the broader ecosystem, extending the types of user provisioning and configurations required.

- Wide-ranging workstations. There are now many types of workstations as the way people work shifts from traditional style to non-conventional ways. Employees now work both onsite and offsite. Onsite could mean working at permanent desks or hot-desks, and offsite could mean working from home, cafés, across international borders, and while on the move. Workstyle determines the type of device configurations employees need."

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