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The Future of Work

Ce livre blanc signé Clarizen explique la mise en place de collaboration et l'organisation à adopter pour être efficace en entreprise.

  • EditeurClarizen
  • Version PDF - 2 pages - 2015 - Anglais
The Future of Work

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"First we build work groups and then we engage in conversations, which might involve dozens of meetings, hundreds of emails and innumerable posts on social discussion tools.

These may produce work content, like tasks, document, bugs or cases. Ideally, these actions are linked to larger processes, like corporate initiatives or projects.

The issue is that each of them typically live in disconnected “islands of activity”, managed by different systems. But what we find is that you really need all three to deliver results.

That’s what’s resulted in Clarizen’s vision of bringing together social collaboration and powerful project management, with the goal of turning every company into a real-time, high-performance organization."

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