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A 5-step guide to corporate management

Comment accélérer la croissance de votre entreprise en vous associant à des startups ? Découvrez les 5 étapes incontournables pour une collaboration réussie dans ce livre blanc par Agorize.

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  • Version PDF - 15 pages - 2021 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Collaboration between corporations and startups is the key to fostering innovation. Corporations are engaging startups in growing numbers, due in part to a realisation that corporations may lack the agility to respond to the accelerating pace of change in a timely manner. These companies typically have a core focus which they excel at. But for all the others that don’t have in-house expertise, corporations are turning to smaller highly specialized companies to partner with. Instead of reinventing the wheel, corporations can rely on external parties such as startups to leverage their insights and solutions.

A study conducted by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research in September, 2017 highlighted the growing costs involved in innovation. Expenditure on R&D has doubled every 13 years purely in order to maintain the same level of output. When it comes to innovation spending, the challenge for large corporations seems to be about spending smartly. To be able to grow and innovate at an increased pace, companies need to reverse this circumstance by spending less and innovating more."

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