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It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business

L’avènement du bien-être : la mutation internationale de notre activité.

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  • Version PDF - 26 pages - 2019 - Anglais
It’s a Wellness World: The Global Shift Shaking up Our Business

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"As we enter 2020, it’s time to rethink wellness.

The ‘wellbeing state of mind’ has changed the way people, from millennials to silver surfers, think, consume - and travel.

Across these generations, across social media platforms like Instagram, their focus is on health before all else. There’s no room for denial in any industry, but especially in ours, which is so fundamentally connected to wellbeing.

It’s time to reassess the value of wellness: its role within our operations, our Group’s image and, most importantly, how we calculate the ROI of our investment in wellness activities.

With our colleagues in Consumer & Market Insights (CMI), we’ve crunched the data to explore and anticipate consumers’ expectations for wellness experiences. And what the payback is for business.

The data shows we need to make wellness the standard, not the add-on. And we need to think bigger: beyond the gym, beyond the spa, and beyond granola and chia seeds for breakfast."

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