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Doing business in the Halal Market : products, trends and growth opportunities

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"Halal, an Arabic word defined as permissible according to Islamic law, is required in the consumption of both goods and services for Muslims.

While most products such as food, beverages and beauty and personal care products can sport a halal label, apparel and footwear are an exception, and for services only foodservice can acquire a physical halal certification.

However, it is still necessary for Muslims to lead the halal way of life, which means ensuring their consumption, behaviour, dressing, social interactions and every other aspect is aligned with Islamic beliefs. Hence, for industries that do not own a physical halal certification such as tourism and fashion, the characteristics of the goods or services consumed by a Muslim have to abide by Islamic law.

(...) This paper examines the specific challenges and opportunities present for a variety of products, from beauty and personal care, apparel, food and beverage, to tourism applicable for key halal markets across the globe. Each section addresses how businesses can compete in the halal market, highlighting development opportunities as well as potential for the future."

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