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Bargain Hunting Online: Coupon Sites and Online Shopping

Coupon Sites and Online Shopping.

  • EditeurSimilarweb
  • Version PDF - 19 pages - 2016 - Français

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"We all love a good deal, and when shopping online, a good deal is only just a quick search away. Retailers know that there is a large audience of bargain hunters online, and they leverage affiliate marketing to capture those users. The tried and tested model of affiliate marketing works—a somewhat low risk, performance-based remuneration scheme that has been around as long as the internet.

Having surveyed the top shopping and e-commerce websites in the US, SimilarWeb data reveals that Coupon and Deal Sites are the biggest source of referral traffic. As consumers and advertisers alike have adopted a can’t-live-without-it approach towards bargains online, we examined the relationship between Coupon sites and retail/shopping sites and the DNA that makes these sites an integral part of any e-tailer’s online strategy."

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