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12 Tips to Help Your FMCG Brand Excel in E-Commerce

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 12 Tips to Help Your FMCG Brand Excel in E-Commerce

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"Looking to the future

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically over the past 18-months and that’s having a direct impact on e-commerce for FMCG. Consumer demand for the best products and prices fuelled by a need for choice and convenience like we’ve never seen before. Price is no longer the only concern when making purchasing decisions, instead consumers are taking the buying experience into account — how long it takes to complete a purchase and whether it was a smooth process. Brands need to react to this shift and only those that can meet the ever-changing consumer wants and needs while exceeding expectations will see success.

It can be easier for smaller and more agile businesses to venture quickly into new marketplaces and exploit new channels to find their next sale. While larger FMCG manufacturers typically find it harder to take advantage of these opportunities. Exciting opportunities from new channels, devices and marketplaces can present challenges to these brands. So, how can you succeed in this developing world of e-commerce? We’ve put together a few helpful hints and tips to help you thrive."

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