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Audiovisual author's rights and remuneration in Europe

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  • Version Pdf - 48 pages - Mars 2015 - Anglais

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"SAA celebrates its 5 th  birthday in 2015. 120,000 writers and directors have joined forces through their audiovisual CMOs with several objectives:
- to make sure that Europe builds a legal and economic framework to create the right incentives for investment in audiovisual production that reflects our identities. Europe’s cohesion depends on European citizens being able to enjoy stories told by European authors,
- to increase circulation of these works within Europe thanks to the thriving digital means available to TV and film fans.
- and above all, to put writers and directors, authors, at the heart of the whole legislative agenda linked to our cultural industries.
The latter point will be one of our main tasks in the coming years. Hence this white paper."

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