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Malt x BCG : Freelancing en Europe 2021

Qui sont les freelances ? Pourquoi choisissent-ils de travailler en tant que freelances ? Que pouvons-nous apprendre de leurs méthodes de travail dans cette ère post-COVID-19 ? Cette enquête menée conjointement par Malt et BCG s'intéresse à la dynamique du freelancing en Europe.

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Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"With Europe experiencing a second lockdown phase, transforming ways of working remains at the top of companies’ agenda and indeed has become a matter of survival. In the Spring of 2020, almost 100% of workers ended up staying at home, and this Fall will not be much different. Despite what was learned from the first wave, similar questions remain open: How to best manage scattered teams? How to foster collaboration in a virtual environment? How to be more agile in a world of uncertainty? These are the questions freelancers face every day from the outset. In this context of radical and rapid changes, freelancers represent an interesting observation field to get insight into what the future could look like as companies and individuals question their definition of work and previous operating models.

For this reason, we believe now is a critical time to better understand the freelance phenomenon. Since the beginning, in light of the scarcity of tech talent, established corporations have called upon freelancers to provide specific and hard-to-find skills, especially where recruiting is difficult. But the opportunity and benefits may in fact be much broader.

In many ways, freelancers are today spearheading a new way of thinking about work, in which organizations become open networks or ecosystems of talented individuals who collaborate on projects and flash organizations. The digital revolution has empowered many talented people to become freelancers (i.e., self-employed workers who have their own company but do not employ others). They are consultants, graphic designers, web developers, or SEO experts providing technical or artistic expertise and services to companies directly or via platforms. They put choice at the center of their careers.

For the past 4 years, Malt has carried out a study on the subject, leveraging our freelancer community throughout Europe (France, Germany, Spain, where Malt is present) to shed an exclusive light on the freelance model. This year, in partnership with the BCG, the survey aims to better understand the nature of this new class of worker: What are their aspirations? Their motivations? What difficulties do they face in their daily lives? What can we learn from the way they work?

To better understand the current changes in the world of work, we need to explore their daily lives, their choices, and their difficulties."


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