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Best practices to secure a Linux Distribution

Dans ce livre blanc, Advans Group partage ses meilleures pratiques pour implémenter une architecture sécurisée par conception dédiée à Linux.

Best practices to secure a Linux Distribution

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"Software security ?

From Hardware to Software security

  • - Hardware and Software. Software security is built on top of Hardware therefore, your security strategy requires both Hardware and software perspectives. For example Arm TrustZone Technology provides Hardware-enforced isolation built into the CPU.

  • - Solutions are not universal. The solutions described below must be analyzed considering the use case, the available hardware components, the expected performance and the budget.

    Secure development Lifecycle (SDLC)

    • - Looking at the secure development lifecycle, the solutions described in this document fall under Require and Design phases.

    • - We encourage IoT companies to embrace a platforming strategy where a unique distribution provides security by Design functions to all IoTs running on Linux."

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