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Harnessing open data to create smart communities

Why you don’t need to be a major city to benefit from becoming smart.

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  • Version PDF - 48 pages - 2023 - Anglais

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"Cities have been using technology to become smarter for over half a century. However, as we move forward smart cities have never been more important. In an increasingly urban world, there’s a real need for municipalities to become more efficient, to deliver on citizen/stakeholder needs, to innovate, and in particular to become more sustainable.

How can you create a cost-effective, data-driven smart city?

Download our new ebook and learn how harnessing open data can help municipalities create smarter communities:

  • - what is a smart city, how does it benefit municipalities and what holds back success?
  • - how can you cost-effectively build a smart city?
  • - best practice recommendations from industry experts: discover the 10 steps to becoming a smart city using open data
  • - examples of use case successes from our customers: Morrisville, Cary, Kingston, Jersey City, Southern Grampians, Western Parkland and Bristol."

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