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Prévisions et Tendances Tech de 2020

Les prévisions et tendances du monde de la technologie selon Pentalog.

  • EditeurPentalog
  • Version PDF - 36 pages - 2019 - Anglais
Prévisions et Tendances Tech de 2020

Introduction ou extrait du livre blanc

"In this report we examine technology trends from a precise angle: reducing unnecessary complexity. Previously, we lacked adequate tools to fight this necessary evil. Now, we have FaaS, CaaS, low-code, public cloud managed services, as well as more specialized and improved programming languages. Industry efforts to tackle unnecessary complexity are an essential step for robust, secured, scalable and evolved architectures.

WebAssembly is the next big thing to significantly impact web development, while Vue’s 3.0 release in 2020 will greatly affect established front-end frameworks. (React and Angular will have routine releases).

Automation gets a boost with RPA, API, low-code/no-code, ML, and intelligent business process management.

HTTP/3 RFC is important as well, but as HTTP stays the same many programmers might skip it.

Rust is the de facto challenger and a unique viable alternative to C++ (the C++20 language will see an important renewal at the end of 2020). Go is struggling with its future version, Swift is moving to the backend, TypeScript is at an all-time high, and Dart has increased in popularity since Flutter emerged. Java continues to lose popularity and interest but still ranks at the top of Google Trends, while the future of PHP’s major version 8 is unclear."

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