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BYOD : an emerging market trend in more ways than one

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Un livre blanc Logicalis et Ovum : BYOD : an emerging market trend in more ways than one
"Ovum’s research into the scale of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has unveiled some clear differences in employee behavior between mature markets and developing, high-growth markets.

Differing attitudes between employees in these markets to the usage of mobile devices inside and outside working hours is an interesting proxy for the divergence in cultural attitudes to where the fulcrum lies for work/life balance.

The data reveals evidence that  professionals in fast growth markets are willing to “live to work” and use whatever connected devices they need to in order to get the job done no matter whether they are their personal device or one provided by their employer. In mature markets, employees have settled into comfortable patterns of working behavior and are more precious about separation of their work and personal domains. T

his bifurcation in behavior is going to shape not just future patterns of enterprise mobility in high growth versus mature markets, but it also going to dictate which markets structurally are going to benefit most from this coming revolution in how and where we work."

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