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Master Data Management for Data-driven Organisations

Ce rapport fait le point sur l'importance du Master Data Management pour les entreprises dites "data-driven" (dirigées par les données).

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"The pace of business is moving faster than ever before. Driving this continuing change in pace is data from social, mobile, and other data sources. Organizations leveraging this data are disrupting the way that business conditions and business models are implemented. These organizations are data-driven companies.

These companies rely on information on customers, products, and services at a much higher level than traditional organizations to disrupt existing markets and increase their competitive advantage.

Examples of these data-driven organizations can be seen in multiple markets. Netflix is taking customer, product, and connectivity information to revolutionize the video consumption business. Started as a delivery service that turned the DVD and movie rental business on its head, Netflix’s streaming product is now taking the content development and distribution business and making similar disruptions."

Master Data Management for Data-driven Organisations